4th and 5: Big 12 Media Days Preview, Lake McRee, Prince Dorbah, and Concerns Around Stan Drayton, Vernon Broughton, and ILBs

July 11, 2019

4th and 5 previews the Big 12 Media Days, who's going, and what the story lines will be as well as discussing the Preason Big 12 poll and All-Big 12 Team.

Afterwards, they breakdown what new commits 2021 TE Lake McRee and 2020 BLB Prince Dorbah will bring to Texas and what in the world is going on at the running back position. What is going on with Stan Drayton and is the criticism fair?


2:40 Big 12 Media Days Polls

14:30 Preason All-Big 12 Team

22:52 Why Ehlinger going to Big 12 Media Days is a big deal

26:46 What to ask Herman

37:00 McRee and Dorbah breakdowns

46:50 Stan Drayton, Broughton, and ILB question marks. What is the problem? What are some solutions

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